Siren Psychiatric Hospital

Siren Psychiatric Hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Juffair region

Siren Psychiatric Hospital Sireen Psychiatric Hospital is one of the private hospitals in the Kingdom of Bahrain for psychiatric patients. The hospital is located in the Juffair area.

Regarding employment, the hospital administration periodically announces vacancies through daily newspapers, through social media accounts, or through direct submission on the hospital’s website.

Siren Psychiatric Hospital
Siren Psychiatric Hospital

Siren Psychiatric Hospital

Siren Psychiatric Hospital offers special services for psychiatric inpatients in Bahrain, as available as any other medical specialty.

Provides management of inpatient and outpatient psychiatry for adults with psychiatric conditions.

It is a highly specialized psychiatric hospital that offers modern psychiatric services by experienced consultants and specialists, using the latest psychiatric systems.

Services offered include assessment and evaluation; medication management individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy; Psychological educational programs. rehabilitation and professional services; and self-help groups. Additional information about the services offered is available on this website.

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Company Data

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Useful Tips

Make sure that the CV is formulated correctly, and that the sending to the CV contains a title for the letter. It is preferable that a short letter be attached to the CV and do not apply for jobs that do not fit your specialization so as not to lose your effort and get frustrated.

Applying and working at Siren Psychiatric Hospital »

Apply via the hospital’s e-mail or online as well as on the hospital’s website. Before applying, you can enter the hospital’s website and see if new jobs are available, or you can also apply in advance by sending your data..

[email protected]

To enter the hospital’s recruitment page, click on the following icon below.

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