We are hiring drivers for a restaurant

We are hiring drivers for a restaurant

Full-time delivery drivers are required to work in a restaurant (motorcycles – buses). The applicant must have a driver’s license and have experience in the same job.

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Job Data »

  • Ad Date: 09/08/2023
  • Job Type: Full Time.
  • Work Area: Tublia
  • Average Salary: undefined
  • Gender: males

List of jobs »

  1. Motorcycle drivers
  2. Delivery bus drivers

Job Terms »

  1. Have a driver’s license
  2. Have experience in the same position

Helpful Tips For Applying For A Job:

Make sure to formulate the CV correctly, as well as that the sending to the CV contains a title for the message, and it is preferable that a brief message be attached to the CV, and do not apply for jobs that do not fit your specialization, so as not to lose your effort and get frustrated.

How To Apply »

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