We are hiring for a software company

We require employees of a software and information technology company in Seef suburb, customer service employee, technical support and inquiries, marketers, web designer and graphic designer, with distinguished salaries and incentives.

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We are hiring for a software company

Job Summary

Job data »

  • date: 31/07/2022
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Work Area: Seef
  • Salary: 400-500 BHD
  • Gender: Male, Female

Available jobs »

  • Customer service and support
  • Marketing staff
  • Website designer
  • Graphic designer

Job Conditions »

  • Computer Skills
  • Speak in English and Arabic
  • Public Relations Skills
  • Appropriate Education Qualification

Useful Tips

Make sure that the CV is formulated correctly, and that the sending to the CV contains a title for the letter. It is preferable that a short letter be attached to the CV and do not apply for jobs that do not fit your specialization so as not to lose your effort and get frustrated.

How To Apply »

Apply for a job via Email:

[email protected]

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